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Victim of Honor

With the Civil War being so long ago one would think situations that occurred would not be relevant in today's society. However, the injustice done to Beall reads like the current front page news.
-Emily Grnach

I finally had time to sit down and finish your book. Your scenic and emotional portrayals made for good reading. It was fun to be able to understand the context and make the connections between what I was reading and what I had learned in history class. Thank you for that.
-Linda Burmeister

Thank you for the signed copy of your book. I greatly enjoyed it. The Northwest Conspiracy and the Philo Parsons raid have been interests of mine for some years. I did greatly enjoy your book and gained some new and interesting insights from your research.
-Daniel Rowe

I just finished Victim of Honor. It was indeed a great story! I've heard the basic story of the attempt to free prisoners on Johnson's Island many times over the years, but you made it much more real in your story. Thanks again for a great read. We need more honorable men like John Yates Beall who stand for something no matter what the cost!!
-Dave Fadley

In the fall of 2010 I was lucky enough to have the author as my history professor. During our class this book was assigned and was one I could not put down! Rarely have I ever read a non-fiction book that was so captivating and interesting. I would highly recommend this book to anyone that is interested in U.S. history. You will not be disappointed!
- Former Kent State University Student

Suggested to me by a chance encounter with the author’s brother, I purchased the book having a vague idea about the Northwestern Conspiracy. I found a story so compelling and thought provoking I couldn’t stop discussing it with friends. As it happens, I live along Lake Erie and know some of the Beall descendants. I purchased a second copy to give to them as a gift.
Personally, I enjoyed comparing the treatment of John Beall in the North with the treatment of Andrews of “Andrews’ Raiders” received in the South. Victim of Honor has now entered my Civil War must read list with Stealing the General: The Great Locomotive Chase, and The First Medal of Honor, by Russell Bonds. Both are better than fiction. Both men, Andrews and Beall were hanged as spies.
- Jim Brinling

I found this book by accident, as its title was written on the wall at a coffee shop. Intrigued by the title, I decided to read the book and was immediately engrossed in the story. For a non-fiction book, which I rarely read, since I hate history, it really seemed to come alive and pull me into the book itself….It seemed as if I was there with John Beall and even as if I might be that same victim….This might just be the first book I read a second time!
- CoffeeHolic “Tech Wizard”
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