There are several projects in the works. The first is a followup to the Everything You Ever Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask book. As in the first Everything book, it will offer stories that your history book left out, behind the scenes kind of stuff, as well as some of the author’s favorite quotes by famous people then and now.


Then there’s the Bennet Graham Burleigh book. Burleigh was John Y. Beall’s second in command during the Civil War. He escaped back to his home in Scotland and eventually became a reporter for the London Telegraph for whom he covered wars in Europe, Africa and Asia until shortly before his death in 1914.


 The other project also stems from John Y. Beall’s story. Martha O’Bryan became John’s fiancee during the Civil War. After Beall’s demise during
the war Martha never married, resumed her teaching career in Nashville, Tennessee and worked to serve the poor in Nashville until her death in 1914. Today, the community center in Nashville bears her name, the    Martha O’Bryan Center.


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