New Projects

Two new biographical projects are currently in the works.

The first is a book recounting the life of Bennet Graham Burleigh. Burleigh, a Scotsman, came to the U.S. and fought with the Confederacy during the Civil War. He became John Yates Beall's second in command. While awaiting a second trial (the first ended in a hung jury) related to the ill-fated attack on Johnson's Island prison, he escaped jail and made his way back to Scotland. Bennet changed the spelling of his name from Burley to Burleigh and became a famous reporter for the London Telegraph, and covered wars in Europe, Africa and Asia for the London newspaper.

The second project is a book on Martha O'Bryan. Ms. O'Bryan was John Yates Beall's fiancé and they planned to be married after the Civil War. Martha returned to her home and school in Nashville, Tennessee after the war and resumed her career. She never married. When she retired from teaching Martha began helping the poor in Nashville, supplying food and clothing through her local Presbyterian Church. She worked tirelessly, literally until the day she died in 1914. Today the community center in Nashville is named The Martha O'Bryan Center.

Bennet Graham Burleigh

Martha O'Bryan
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